Slow loading of archive directory especially on network / LAN

  • Hi,

    I am finding PA 11.03.04 very slow when reading the archive directory, especially over a LAN.

    • When opening an archive on a network drive it’s far slower than on a local drive. For .ZIP file of about 253mb, local open takes 5 seconds, network open 36 seconds. In some cases, I think depending on which column I last sorted on, it takes twice as long.
    • In WinZip and 7Zip I don’t see anything close to these numbers. I don’t have them installed on this machine right now for a comparison, but this is the first program of this kind where I even noticed how long it took.

    The network is all 100mbps wired. It takes 23 seconds from me to copy the 253mb zip file over the LAN. No one else is here doing anything, so the LAN is all mine. The network drive is a 750gb Buffalo Drivestation. The local PC is a Dell Studio 540 with Intel Q6600, 2gb mem, 640gb drive, Vista Home Premium.

    What is wrong?

  • conexware

    you need to check PA 2010 :-)

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