Explorer Freezes when selecting large files

  • Why does Windows Explorer freeze when I press ctrl-c after pressing ctrl-a to select all exe files after installing PowerArchiver 2009 in Windows Vista x64? I have those files burned to DVD and need to copy them back to the hard drive and it takes an extremely long time after pressing ctrl-a and then ctrl-c to start the copy. The DVD drive light keeps flickering for a long time after selecting all files and pressing copy. The only way around this issue is to disable checking for sfx cabs.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think that the CAB sfx’s are the problem (as you discovered).

    … for some users, checking sfx’s is PA’s breaking feature as if you do it with large files over the network, it might take over 10 minutes and your explorer will freeze.


    … CAB SFX’s are different from other SFX’s, {…} PA needs to search to the end of CAB file, unlike other archives. This makes it slow in some circumstances

    So PA checking the CAB sfx’s slows down other operations. Best you can do is disable the check whenever you don’t need them identified.

  • I had to upgrade to PA 2010 beta 3 to resolve this issue.

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