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  • Folks,

    I removed PowerArchiver in an attempt to resolve an issue that turned out to be unrelated to PowerArchiver, but what I discovered in the process is that the registry was stuffed full of left-over entries. I don’t think anything got removed from the registry, to be honest.

    Is this a known problem?


  • Alpha Testers

    this can and does happen with many programs which is why when uninstalling I have a tendency to use ‘Revo Uninstaller’…just thought it might be of use to you…:)

  • I am sure many programs do, but they should not. I can understand that a few registry entries might get left behind. However, PowerArchiver left well over 100 entries behind, perhaps the most frustrating ones being those associated with file extensions – that was not nice at all. There’s no reason to leave so many behind like that, especially those that cause some confusion with other programs that look for file extension information.

    So, either the uninstall process did not work entirely right, or the removal of registry entries was left out of the uninstaller. I’m not sure which.

  • Alpha Testers

    couldn’t agree more with you…
    I think all programs should remove every trace of themselves from your system as if they’d never been installed…it would make for less clutter on your system and a much cleaner registry.

  • conexware

    Installation removes what has been installed, however other changes that are not done during installation but through usage, they are not undone during uninstallation, if that makes sense.

    And Windows Installer quite often does not remove anything if it sees that it is not what it should be according to it - for instance, someone deleting things manually, then Windows Installer will refuse to delete anything.

    We will take an look at this in one of the future versions.

  • conexware

    we have improved this a bit more in 11.61 release… we will investigate it better once we get some time (after 11.61 is officially out).

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