PA 2010 Beta 3: Bugs ShellExt and Queue

  • There’s some weird bugs in Beta 3 with the Shell Extension when the Queue is enabled.

    Here’s repro steps:

    1. Right click on folder in Explorer
    2. Select Compress to … + Options in context menu.
    3. Select CAB as archive type.
    4. Set Method to LZX
    5. Make sure “Add to Queue” is checked.
    6. Click “Add.”

    The resulting archive file is using MsZIP compression, not LZX. If you follow the same steps only uncheck “Add to Queue”, then the resulting archive is LZX packed.

    I’m not sure if this affects other archive types or not, I haven’t tested further.

    Another bug I ran into while dorking around with the details on this one is as follows:

    1. Start with an empty folder (foo).
    2. Create a subfolder (bar). Toss some files in.
    3. Right-click on bar, select Compress to … + Options
    4. Make sure archive type is CAB.
    5. Click Add.

    Everything’s fine so far. In foo, you have a folder bar, and a file

    Now to make it go pear-shaped.

    1. Right-click on bar again, select Compress to … + Options
    2. Make sure Archive type is CAB.
    3. Make sure Add to Queue is checked.
    4. Change the archive name. (e.g.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Proceed to be greeted by a prompt asking you to overwrite

    It gets weirder.

    7. Click “Yes.” gets deleted, and is created.

    This bug happened with CAB files for me, but not 7-Zip. I don’t know if other archive types are affected or not.

    All happening in XP SP 3, Beta 3 installed on top of Beta 2.

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