Exclude folder

  • hi,
    i have a folder A who contains 3 other folders, b,c and d.
    now i want to pack folder A to Zip, but i don’t want folder c to be included. is this possible with PA?

    txs a lot

  • conexware

    in backup? you can exclude folders via filter, check help when in backup wizard.

    as to the main PA, easiest way is to simply select b and d folders.

  • txs spwolf,

    i will check this out.:)

  • well, unfortunately a user can’t select the files or folders with a checkbox. it would be more easy. for now i am using FBackup (freeware) for this task. but the compressed files are not that small as with PA. maybe a suggestion for future releases ?

    txs anyway


  • conexware

    we tested with checboxes, problem was that if you have large number of files/folders, folder structure builds for a longer time. With backup, you select files once so even if you are used to checkboxes, it takes minutes to configure an backup and then you basically reuse it.

  • spwolf, maybe you should combine both. selecting the files you want to backup with checkboxes and finally generating a script you can reuse everytime. would be more easy to use. :D


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