PA 2010 Beta - Timestamp Issue with Backup

  • As I was running some backup function tests with the latest PA 2010 Beta, I decided to use the time stamp option as I was creating different test scenarios. This way, I thought, I could compare results much easier. Well, in the process I’ve discovered that the HMS portion of the time stamp is not being created properly at the time the ZIP file is actually written.

    It turns out that the time stamp appended to the ZIP file is the time when the time stamp option was last manipulated in the script itself. For example, while editing the script, and specifically the time stamp option, the time stamp is shown as an example right underneath the option entry field. This, as it turns out will be the HMS time stamp appended to the backup file on the next run. There maybe more to it then this example, but this is what I’ve observed to this point.

  • conexware

    it writes the timestamp at the time backup process/compression starts (not editing) - which is correct way of doing it, because thats when files start being backed up. For instance if you had very large backup, there might be big difference in time between start and finish of backup process.


  • I just ran another test and finally clued in to the subtle difference between specifying “HMS” versus “HmS” for hour-minutes-seconds in the time stamp field.

    My apologies!

    Carry on with your good work!

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