PA 2010 Beta - Missing "Write Directly Into ZIP"

  • I’ve been creating rather large ZIP files with PA Backup lately, in the neighbourhood of 18GB, for instance. Initially I encountered problems where the backup job would time-out and fail as it was building an index (?) in memory or temporary disk storage. Once I realized this I turned on the “Write directly into ZIP” option under the Compression and Encryption tab. This worked beautifully as it starting writing the output ZIP file while it was still building the backup file in the background.

    To my dismay, the 2010 Beta doesn’t seem to offer the “Write directly into ZIP” feature any more. Is this intended or just an oversight?

  • conexware

    does that still happen in PA 2010? Did you try your backup in PA 2010?

    It is indeed an oversight (as much as I am aware off), only difference should be location of the temp drive, and you can force that via Config> Misc> Use current folder as temp. See if that helps.


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