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PowerArchiver 2010 Beta crashes on unzipping a 2.37GB file!

  • I guess this would be a bug.

    I have a Zip file thats 2.37GB Size.

    And PowerArchiver 2009 can unzip it just fine but the new PowerArchiver 2010 Beta crashes when trying to unzip the same file!

  • conexware

    is it an file we can download somewhere? You have .30 version?


  • conexware

    i moved it to its own thread, please report bugs properly (own thread, tech support forums). it is was even mentioned in thread you posted in.

  • @spwolf:

    is it an file we can download somewhere? You have .30 version?


    Ok good news 🙂

    I just redownloaded build 11.50.30 and I can now unzip the 2.37GB file without crashing.

    The crashing happend on Windows 7 Build 7048.

    I have since upgraded to Build 7057 and PowerArchiver 2010 does not crash now.

    Also I am pretty sure the version i was using when it was crashing was build 11.50.30.

    So I guess by redownloading PowerArchiver I could of gotten a newer build. Or maybe Winodws 7 Build 7057 is the reason for no more crashing.

    But what ever the case it not crashing now 🙂

  • conexware

    it was probably earlier build, i doubt Win7 would cause such issue…

    although I have to say some interface or some other issues yes, because i got 7057 too and excell is acting very strange now… 7022 was much better in this regard.

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