Combine multiple Zip files into a single archive

  • I have 200 zip files and I was wondering if its possible to combine all the zip files into a single zip archive.

    But not create a new archive containing the zips.

    At the moment the only method I can come up with is to extract all the zips and create a new zip adding all the extracted files.

    Is there an easier way. Like, select all zip files and select ‘Combine archives’? Or similar?


  • conexware

    Unfortunatelly no, but you can extract faster with multi extract feature or from Windows Explorer by selecing few archives at once.

  • Thanks, thats the method I am currently using. When I thought about my original goal, your solution works just fine.

    In Vista I use the Windows Backup application for weekly backups. I have a backup set from 9 months ago at 4 GB’s. So what I am doing now is extracting all the zips, deleeting the files I know I dont need and I’ll re-pack them in a 7z.

    Burn to DVD and toss it in the closet :D

    My original plan was to combine the zips, then delete un-needed files. Then convert it to 7z. But your suggestion is faster and easier.

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