Drag and Drop Bug w/ Multiple Monitors

  • There’s a bug in 11.50.23. It’s existed for quite some time really, I just never bothered to report it before. I figure since you’re in a beta phase, now’s as good of a time as any. :)

    I have a multiple monitor setup. If I have PowerArchiver on the secondary monitor (e.g. the one without the taskbar) and drag a file from an archive into an explorer window, the PowerArchiver window will disappear and reappear on the primary monitor.

    It seems that the disappear and reappear act is due to showing the progress window. After testing with a larger archive, that’s exactly what happens: The main window disappears, the progress window appears (on the primary monitor), then the main window reappears on the primary monitor instead of the secondary monitor where it was originally.

  • Bump. Bug still exists in 11.50.37 (Beta 2).

    Child dialogs (e.g. Configuration Window, About Screen) also don’t show up in the correct place when PA is on 2nd monitor. They’re showing up on the main monitor.

    I’m going to dig around a bit. I wonder if this is a VCL bug?

  • I would also like to vote (again) to have these little multimon problems fixed.

    See http://www.powerarchiver.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1952

  • conexware

    thanks for the bumps… we will take an look.

  • conexware

    Please check beta 3 via web update or download page and let us know if this issue has been fixed… thank you!

  • Yes, this is fixed all around for me with Beta 3 on XP SP 3. The progress window shows up where the window was, and the main window returns to its original position. Thank you!

    There’s still a very minor bug in that if the child window to be shown is larger than the main window, and the main window is near the edge of the screen (or near the edge of a monitor), then the child dialog/window may show up partially off screen. But that’s a pretty minor thing.

  • conexware

    screenshot for that issue?

  • Sure. Pic 1 shows the “ready” state. I positioned PA’s window near the edge of my monitor.

    Then I went to open the configuration window. Since it’s larger than the main window, it completely obscures the main window. This is fine. The problem is it’s “centered” over the main window, so part of the window hangs offscreen. This is what pic 2 shows.

    The same effect happens on a multi-monitor setup, only the child window shows up partially on the other monitor, but it’s harder to provide screenshots for. And you probably don’t want to see crappy pics from my cell phone. :)

  • conexware

    so you want it centered on screen instead of PA?

  • No, centered over PA is great, just nudged to ensure that the entire window is on the current monitor.

    It’s a very minor thing to me, and if it’s more trouble than its worth to fix, I’d rather see the current behavior over any other.

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