Pa crashes when changing different windows/views

  • Alpha Testers

    Testing 11.50.30 this morning and was greeted with this screen…shortly followed by a violation screen and then the program crashed…on restart I discovered I was unregistered and the program had gone back to default settings.

    at the time of using PA I was exploring the bug reported in this thread by using different views and settings…I guess I pushed PA to it’s limits and it didn’t like it.

    I was able to repeat the crash several attempts later but I’m guessing you guys need additional information or do I just test the next release ?

  • conexware

    no, we need report, i moved it into separate thread… thanks

  • Alpha Testers

    I have been trying to recreate the bug that happened to me on about 3 occassions earlier today but upto now no success I’m afraid.

    my system has been checked for malaware/spyware and any virus but my system came up clean which pretty much eliminated any outside influences.

    I’ll run some additonal tests tomorrow to try and once again recreate the crash.


  • conexware

    it is hardly possible it is virus or malware… just set of specific usage pattern… if you let me know what you did, i will try to reproduce it here.


  • Alpha Testers

    I’ve followed my steps as closely as I could remember because I was opening and closing many different aspects of PA to find any other faults.

    I can’t give you specifics I’m afraid…I wish I could judging by the result but as I said I will test more later in the day to see if I can possibly recreate it…it happened on about 3 occassions but since registering PA for the 3rd time I’ve been unable to recreate the fault.

    all I was doing at the time was recreating the fault as reported in the original post you moved this thread from.

  • conexware

    ok, let me know if you reproduce it again

  • @moles42:

    … all I was doing at the time was recreating the fault as reported in the original post you moved this thread from.

    Switching interfaces - Modern / Classic / Modern ?
    Were you only using Classic (default) or did you try with classic skins?
    Did you re-install PA during this testing, or restart Windows - or just continue switching with different views/settings?

    I’ve lost Q.A.T. a few times as I posted (and I see it is missing in your screenshot - among other issues), but I have never had a crash.

  • conexware

    it is not the same issue, thats why i moved it…

  • conexware

    Beta 2 is out, please check it out via web update or download page. Thanks!

  • Alpha Testers

    haven’t been able to recreate this problem in beta 1 and beta 2 seems fine at present.

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