PA 2010 b1

  • Just installed it over 2009, no issues so far. Seems a bit slow to start, extraction ops tried so far do not seem any quicker than 2009. XP SP3 4GB dual core cpu. Using ‘extract here’ context menu item. The delay until the box/window which contains the progress bars still takes the same amount of time to ‘fill in’ as 2009 - I was told that the plan was to eliminate this in 2010.

    Couple of comments on the interface though…the sort arrows on each column heading is very feint, very easy to miss them. The column headings are gray in the modern, blue interface - I don’t recall that in 2009.



  • conexware

    compression is multicore (deflate and lzma in zip).

    Maybe you need to restart your computer, extract is instant for me or maybe there is an AV checking pa.exe when it starts which is cause of delay?

    There was an delay previously that was elimitated but you might have some other “issue”.

  • I will restart my PC later and check things out.

    Did I do right by installing over 2009 or should I have uninstalled first? It looked like the installer did an uninstall anyway.



  • conexware

    should be fine…

  • I installed on top of 2009 and had no problem. I did notice a performance increase regarding the main window rendering.

    With 2009 when I started PA, the window would paint then the ribbon (with tabs) then I would see the buttons come into view.

    When closing PA. The buttons would disapear, then the ribbon would collapse and lastly the window would close.

    With 2010, when I launch PA the window and its components appear instantly and when closing I also noticed a much faster response.

    I mostly have only been able to test RAR archives. But so far no issues.

  • conexware

    yep, there was significant interface speed increase with modern interface…

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