ISO Asking for Registration

  • When I try to make and ISO with PA, it asks for my Registration. I put it in, says to restart PA, I do and it does the same thing…Any ideas? It’s not a separate function of PA unless I misread the what’s included with PA…

    Second issue: I’m getting a CRC error when I try to unzip a large zip, it’s 3.8 gigs. I’ve redownloaded the file, pulled it off another computer on my network, tried burning it to a disc from the machine running XP Pro and still get the CRC error. I’m using Vista 64 on the machine it’s erroring on…

    Update: The CRC error is only happening on the drive that I have Vista installed on. When I unzip it on my second drive it goes just fine…

  • conexware


    the Image(ISO) Grabber comes with the PRO version of PA 2009. Is the PRO version what you are using?

  • conexware

    crc issue - maybe you dont have enough space on your drive?

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