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FTP Backup

  • Hi, I’ve been using PA for a while, and this is something I always wanted to know if it’s possible.

    • Can PA backup my websites? you have FTP, and schedule backups, but what I want is the opposite. I want to schedule a full backup of an FTP location. Hopefully with the same parameters as a regular backup, incremental files, etc…… so in other words, I want PA to ftp to my site’s server, grab all new files, make a 7ZIP file and store it on my local PC/DVD/USB DRIVE, etc.

    I’m currently using another product to do this, but they don’t offer compression…it seems like you program could do this easily… I hope 🙂

  • conexware

    you cant… not right now. PA it is cool feature for the future for sure (someone already suggested it).

  • It was probably me……I think you guys have all the components…

  • PA is already the most incredible backup software I know and have been using it for YEARS!


    Among all the other things it can do can it back up stuff to my hard drive from an ftp site. I want to create a compressed backup of my website and its contents to my hard drive.

  • conexware

    thank you - someone has made this suggestion before… i will try to find it and merge them together, later on…

  • Alpha Testers

    I think this is the one your looking for spwolf

  • conexware

    for PA 2011, we are almost decided on overhauling FTP component, so we will see then if this can make it in…

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