Reason why have not gone to xp or vista

  • I’m useing windows 2000 due to the fact that you dont have to link to the internet to comfirm your serial number like you have to with xp and vista. This can be a problem if it rejects you off the system due to reinstalling windows a few times as i have had too due to windows hardware problems.

    Means you then have to phone up microsoft and try and convince them that you are using the software legally before they can give you a new code. Secondly they don’t work 24 hrs so it is difficult to phone them at 1 am for example. when xp or vista becomes exstinct as it will someday and your computer is not powerfull enough to go to the next operating system what would happen when you try and reinstall xp or vista for example and you have problems with the serail.
    It will be a dead computer.

  • Davidsplash I 100% agree with you! With the online registration part it is and continues to be a royal pain in the backside! of which wont change.

    However, there are work arounds that if you havnt tried already take note as its reduces the problem.

    1. When upgrading/installing clean windows xp vista dont register untill the last week.

    2. Download or obtain Service Packs CD’s and install them before using windows update this keeps windows clean from fragmented updates which CAN and DO cause glitches despite what people say.

    3. Create a backup of all your Drivers use a program such as “Driver Genius” and keep it archived. This means you can roll out upgrades for same spec systems far faster and in theory you have already tested the drivers and know 100% they work without problems.

    Once all the above is done and you are happy with the stability you can either register windows or format the system start from scratch but this time use the Driver Genius backup files to update your system with all the known and trusted drivers.

    on another note through testing Windows 7 Microsoft are really pushing the boat out on making this OS backward system compatible. Meaning if you use 2000/XP it will work without significant impact.

    They are developing an inteligant code which looks at the system specs and only installs required components needed to run. Unlike Vista where it installs everything but then disables the features if your system isnt up to stratch and the problem is it is still their in the background hoging up space and memmory!!

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