FAQ: PowerArchiver Anonymous usage statistics

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    What is it?
    PowerArchiver Anonymous usage statistics was introduced with release PA 2010 11.50.

    If you decide to enable anonymous usage statistics, information about how you use PowerArchiver will be sent back to ConeXware, Inc. This does not include any personal information, such as who you are or your email address, or any way we can indentify you. We will use this data to improve PowerArchiver - for example, we will see what kind of compression is being used and this will help us determine what to focus on next.

    We currently have enough work for next 3 major versions planned, and people who send in their stats will help us determine priorities. So please, enable the option so we know better how to make PowerArchiver the best compression utility out there!

    What does it send?
    All PA reports in are numbers, which let us know what features are being used. At no time is any personal information (name, filenames, registration code, etc.) sent to us.

    This is how the information is reported:


    No words are ever sent, and users are never uniquely indentified and tracked. For example, if a user sends information in 10 times, the information will be stored into 10 different fields. We will not be able to identify that these 10 files are from the same user.Once again, these statistics cannot be used to identify any user and they will only be used by Conexware. The whole reporting system has been designed to help us improve PowerArchiver and so serve you better.

    How to enable/disable it?
    You can enable it or disable it by going to the Help> Web Update and checking/unchecking the option.

    Where is the info stored?
    Information is stored in your registry, in the following key:

    Privacy policy
    Our privacy policy is located at:

    Big thanks goes to all of our customers who have supported PowerArchiver for 10 last years and made us come so far…. Great things are coming, get ready for them! :D

  • Nice idea spwolf, as part of any R&D this will be a valued and welcome tool in order to assist Powerarchiver maintain an already excellent customer service and in theory enable conexware to role out important fixes/patches faster with less impact to the end user.

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