Possible bug in creating password protected zip files in v11.03.04

  • I can’t find any setting to prevent an issue caused by the following task:

    1. Right click on a folder and choose “Compress to Zip + Options”

    2. Choose any encryption from the dropdown box.

    3. Press Add and type in a password when prompted twice.

    …the result is a password protected file which always includes a copy of the folder structure (which is empty) along with the files.

  • Can’t reproduce this. Please check if you don’t have the “Save full folder info” option checked.

  • conexware

    Maybe give us more details of folder structure that is being saved?


  • No, I don’t have the “Save full folder info” option checked.

    Since there are so many settings and everyone uses different ones, here’s the easiest way to reproduce the issue:

    Perform a clean install and make this single change:

    uncheck - “Use normal relative path”

    (I don’t like having this option turned on since it creates an unnecessary root folder in an archive if a single folder is zipped)

    Create a folder on your desktop called “test” and place two text files in it.

    Right-click on the folder and choose “Compress with Options” and click “Add”

    At this point you end up with an archive which contains the two text files along with an unnecessary and empty folder structure.

    If you were to choose “Compress to “test.zip”” instead, a proper archive is built.

    The reason I felt it had to do with password protected files is that I would choose “Compress with Options” to include a password and “Compress to…” otherwise.

    Having researched this further, I’ve discovered that when you simply choose “Compress with Options”, you get that issue regardless of whether or not you password protect it as shown in the steps above.

  • The empty folder stucture being saved using the steps in my last message is (in my case):

    Documents and Settings


  • conexware

    thanks, we will check it out…

  • I have the same problem.

    It’s a bug.

    And it happens whenever you select:

    Compress to Zip + Options (password protected or not)


    1. Right click on a folder that contains 3 files located at D:\Desktop\Sample Folder
    2. Select “Compress to Zip + Options”
    3. Uncheck all checkboxes and use default options
    4. Click on Add

    The zip file is created called: Sample Folder.zip It contains the 3 files, plus an empty folder: Desktop\Sample Folder

  • conexware


  • What does “miiiliiiiiiiiiiii” mean? :confused:

  • conexware


    What does “miiiliiiiiiiiiiii” mean? :confused:


    calling Mili to write the bug down into our bug list :P

  • oh “Mili” the person. Sorry, I’m new to this forum. Our friend Mili. :) Gotcha…

  • conexware

    Have no fear, Mili is here!! :)

    Had tested this earlier but could not reproduce. Finally reproduced it.

    Reported to dev team. Thanks mj0hnson!!!

  • Glad it’s being fixed :)

  • conexware

    please check with official beta 1, and let us know if this has been fixed… thank you!

  • It’s been fixed - Thanks!

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