Tmp file lost on ftp connection failure

  • PA is an awesome compression and backup utility!!!

    However, it falls short if there is a problem when the archive is to be ftp-ed to a remote drive.

    I have network attached hard drive that all of the computers on the network are to send differential backups to. For what ever reason the software on the drive locked up and ftp connections could not be made to it. Thus, when PA did the backup, the archive was not loaded onto the hard drive. It appears that the archive that was created in the tmp folder was deleted, even though it was not uploaded. Furthermore, the archive bit of the backed-up files was cleared. So now my differential back-up series will lack the files that were added or changed this last week.

    It seems that PA should not delete the tmp file nor clear the archive bit if there is a failure to upload or burn a disk. Perhaps I missed something.


  • conexware

    thanks bob, we will check it out…

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