Great ! .pae does not open

  • So I have this new pc, there is nothing on it, except XP.
    I have this small .pae with all the passwords / registration codes and stuff.

    I double click it and does not get me the password window. It is opened with a text editor….:confused:

    Shd it not get me the password window at ALL times ?

    Now what ?


  • conexware

    you right click on it, select open with, and then select open with PowerArchiver. It seems that you manually set it to open with text editor in Explorer and it will override any association settings that PA sets…

  • Thanks for the quick feedback.

    Indeed PA was / has not yet been installed. Frankly, I assumed that .pae has a kind of built in extractor (?) and cud work everywhere outside PA ?
    i.e. also on machines without PA installed.

    Sorry, I am no expert…:)

  • If you need to open your encrypted files without PowerArchiver just make PAE SFX file.


  • Thank you!

    Indeed select PAE + create self extracting files.

    I have checked PA’s option whether this option cud be added to context menu, but it can’t.

    Under options/configuration/compress encrypt, pae/sfx is not even mentioned….

    Hoped it would be an option that cud be tagged, so by default encrypted files wud come out as .exe

    Well anyway, maybe an item for the wishlist.

    tks again.

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