PowerArchiver 2009 11.03 - Happy Thanksgiving!

  • conexware

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here is “beta” release for you to enjoy over the holidays. Rest of the languages will be posted in official release on Monday. Virtual Drive will be updated Monday as well to reflect changes in whatsnew below… Thanks for being our loyal fans :D

    Version 11.03 [December/2008]
    Maintenance release.


    • PowerArchiver now remembers password for shell extract session (multiple files).
    • Backup now creates new folders if needed to create destination backup.
    • Expanded extract button MRU to 10, added shortcuts and icons.
    • Mount/Unmount option added in PA Starter main menu.
    • Added ALT+D shortcut to switch focus between treeview and filelist.
    • Added F6 shortcut to focus on address bar.
    • Added GO button in address bar.
    • Improved tabbing between PowerArchiver windows.
    • Increased border size of the windows (preview, etc) so they can be dragged easily.
    • Improvements in shortcuts in main PowerArchiver and shell extensions.
    • More tips/hints added.
    • Various minor translation updates.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Bug #924: Canceling during zip load crashes PA.
    • Fixed Bug #910: Backup does not save zip spans properly.
    • Fixed Bug #927: Testing archive via shell opens folder.
    • Fixed Bug #930: Extracting RAR archives with CRC error cancels extraction.
    • Fixed Bug #929: Converting to same format exits convert tool.
    • Fixed Bug #928: Can not encrypt/convert tar.gz to zip aes.
    • Fixed Bug #078: Adding to folders/paths does not work in tar,bh, cab, lha.
    • Fixed Bug #925: Can not create 7z if Optimized or Store is used.
    • Fixed Bug #919: SFX Wizard does not create SFX’s in specific situations.
    • Fixed Bug #916: Virtual Drive always disabled in Starter.
    • Fixed Bug #889: Nvidia drivers SFX detection does not work in 64bit shell.
    • Fixed Bug #918: Plugin issues with progress bar.
    • Fixed Bug #957: Extract shell extensions unicode issues.
    • Fixed Bug #907: First archive does not extract properly if wrong password session saved.

    You can download it via web update (English Only).

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