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  • Two ordering options for Pro Version.
    I’ve been using PA since just before the paid versions. Purchased a key years ago. The features compared to a certain competitor back then were and still are superior.

    I am planning to upgrade to the Pro version but two choices are listed. One is with the standard Outlook plug-in and the other is with the international plug-in. What is the difference in features? Is it just supported languages? Previous versions allowed me to use either the standard or the international versions. I had keys to both. Is that the same here?


    Realized the difference was in the plugins.

  • conexware

    It is in langauge - English Pro for English only and Int Pro for all languages.

    Reason you have both option is because you purchased when there were no international versions, so now we give an choice so you can decide which version you want…

  • Aaah.

    Was curious. Thanks.

  • Why not can update my PA 2010 Pro v.11.50.49 german to v.11.50.54 german ???

  • conexware

    german language versions were not update for these internal “fix” releases… as soon as next “official” release is out, it will be in german as well :)

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