How to remove script scheduling…

  • Hi,

    If you have set script scheduling and want to cancel this and set to manual, there is no way to delete the scheduled task from within PA. Well, certainly I can delete the task from taskplaner. But, if I select manual instead of script scheduling, the the scheduling options are grayed out and make the user believe that all is set to manual now. This is a little irritating, you should remove the task, respectively, if this can not be done, display a warning/hint.

  • conexware

    where are you selecting manual? In latest release we have No scheduling option?

  • Hi,

    I am with version 11.02.03 and with “scheduling Funktionen” (second last in tree) you see in the right pane, first option below “execute Script” section:
    "execute manually"
    If you select this, a task previously scheduled in taks-manager is not removed!

  • conexware

    it should be!!!


    (entered it to the bug list, thanks)

  • conexware

    this works properly - you need to use close button or run the script for task to be added or remove.