PowerArchiver 2009-Upgrade shows wrong price

  • Hi!

    When I try to upgrade from PA 2007 to 2009 Pro, your Buy-Now-Page shows me the following (screenshot):

    On the german version of your order page the normal price for one PA 2009 Pro licence is told to be 28,75 EUR (31,95 EUR is crossed out). 64% cheaper that should be 10,35 EUR. But your order page only shows 31,95 less 2% and that are the 28,75 EUR. Wenn I go further in the order process, this price is risen to at least 31,95 EUR. Nothing to see of 64% cheaper.

    As I have only the possibility to use bank wire transfer which costs additional 15 EUR, the total amount will be too much for me.

    What goes wrong or where made I an mistake?


    Ralf M. Eberle

  • conexware

    are you clicking on Upgrade or Buy now? When you click on Upgrade, you should get proper64% discount… if you click on Buy Now above it, it will simply take you to our order site where price is normal.

    Or maybe you do not have cookies working in your browser, so it does not have the discount?


  • Hi!

    I clicked on ‘Upgrade’ but cookies my have been switched off. I thougt, I tried it with switched off and switched on, but today with explicitly had cookies switched on and it worked as desired. Thanks.



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