• I’d just like to suggest offering the option to purchase PA with TrialPay. Has this been considered? PA is the BEST archive utility I’ve found, and I have friends who I could get to purchase PA if they could get it “free” through TrialPay like they could for WinZip.


  • its a good idea in principle though in practice it is not very good.

    1/ gives people the chance to get a product for free (via other people buying it for them at reduced rates only if they purchase their goods)

    2/ It causes problems for the author by the fact that they have to establish links to other companies and maintain them to ensure this works.

    I tried winzips trial pay and could not for the life of me actually get winzip free i ended up getting frustrated.

    what trial pay is you have to actually sign up for another service or product in order to actually get that product in this case winzip. thats all good if you want the other companies services or goods cause you are getting a better deal then. However if you just want winzip it is a bit off putting.

    What i have heard from trial pay is that programs like powerarchiver would have to have a special price just for use with the trial pay system.

    winzip went down this road due to the fact that it was loosing customers as it is now charging for every new version of the program no matter how small improvements are.

    This system does bring new customers but at what cost.

    I think the best way would be to offer special cupon discounts via other companies say if you use there product you get a limited timed cupon which entitiles you to 20% off powerarchiver which can be given to people when they purchase a service or product from another company.

    trail pay to me has its good and bad points its up to powerarchiver to research and see if it is right for them

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