Any way to Compress media files?

  • Is there any way to further compress media files like AVI or WMV. Or are they already too compressed (no white space)

  • Yes they can be compressed.
    Which format to use depends on many factors (e.g. single or multiple; codec used in file). Also, which is more important to you - speed or final size.

    I suggest you do some testing with your own files to decide …
    Try these formats - 7z; Tar.gz; Tar.bz2

    Also check cab and bh (but remember there is 2GB limit with these formats).

  • conexware

    there is no way to compress them further in lossless compression utility… only way to lower the size is to recompress the video itself but that takes long time and you need some kind of video utility that will transcode the file to some more efficient format/codec…

  • Quick test:

    1 Folder (AVI Movies)
    Windows explorer properties 6 files
    Size 234MB (245, 792, 977 bytes)

    AVI Movies.tar.bz2
    Windows explorer properties
    Size 193 MB (203, 335, 440 bytes) :p

    Are you saying BZ2 is a lossy compression :confused:

  • Thanks for the insight I will run some tests. Even 25% would be great on a 2gb file.

    Thanks, Alan

  • @port80:

    Even 25% would be great on a 2gb file.

    As both I and spwolf “implied”, that most likely will not be possible with a single video file. Still, try it and see.

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