Shell Ext. does not work in folders with german umlaut

  • Hi,

    I just found a small bug in PA 2009 11.00.80 (German):

    The shell extensions do not work for archives with a path or filename that contains german umlauts.

    Example: D:\Mailanhänge\
    (ä = ALT + 0228)

    “Hier entpacken” (“Extract here”)
    cursor shows small hourglass for a few seconds,
    window pops up for a very short time,
    nothing extracted.

    “Entpacken nach…” (“Extract to”)
    creates the destination folder but does not extract the files.

    Says OK even for an archive that definitely has an error.

    Extracting from the same archive works fine from within PA-GUI.

    I am using Windows XP Pro SP3, German.


  • conexware

    did you try using 7zip format? what happens when you use that?


  • I did not try 7z.

    I repeated the tests with more file formats and the problem is gone!
    (tested archives: zip, 7z, bh, rar, multi-volume zip and multi-volume rar)

    The difference:
    microsofts newest patches + reboot

    • installing new software that is totally unrelated
      to archives.

    It seems that Windows Explorer was the reason and not PowerArchiver. I believe that a simple reboot would have cured that symptom immediately.

  • conexware

    ok, thanks

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