Standard or Pro version

  • A little while back I upgraded to the Pro version.
    PowerArchiver reported a new version and I had it installed.
    When checking the ‘About’ box, there is no word of ‘Pro’ or so, it is ‘just’ PowerArchiver 2009.

    Then I checked the website. Both Standard and Pro are listed there, with different prices.

    When clicking on ‘Download’, the following page lists the standard(??) version only.

    A bit confusing…
    Maybe the About-box shows no difference?
    (No matter PRO or STD)

    How to get hold of a Pro-version?


  • Hi Wulffra,
    PowerArchiver installation package has Pro and Std versions. Features avaiable for you depend of the license key you enter. If you can see burning tools in the PowerArchiver this means you have the Pro version.

  • Hello to you Serhiy,

    Okay, thanks.
    I am afraid the website is not clear on that matter.
    Think that this shd at least be mentioned on the downloadpage.
    So dumb people like me will not be searching for a PRO version to download… :-)

    That aside, ever after entering the PRO code, the about box still shows “PowerArchiver 2009” only,
    whereas I wud expect ‘PRO’ wud be mentioned.


  • i agree, it should be something on the website.
    But don’t you see the “PowerArchiver 2009 Professional” title of the main window?
    Here is how it should be:

  • Yep, I am sorry for the confusion. :o

    It is indeed mentioned, but I have to confess I did not look thére, but only in the ‘About’-box.


  • I agree with wulffra - the information should also be in the About Box. That’s where I went (and pretty much always go) when I want full details on the version (both build and licensing-wise) of software installed on a machine

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