PA2009 Killed My DRGTODSC (Roxio9) Process

  • Sometimes I feel I’m the only guy on the planet who understands and uses DVD+RW media the way it was really meant: as a giant floppy disk (remember those?), or an instantly re-writable AND removable CD!

    I still use Windows XP Pro and Roxio 9 (it still has the drag-to-disk (DRGTODSC.EXE) UDF packet writing function built-in) as it allows me to use the PowerArchiver backup function to write my backup files directly to a removable DVD+RW disk. I’ve used this type of backup process to replace old tape backup systems for a number of my clients and it has worked extremely well.

    I’ve now upgraded my system to PA2009 and I’ve already run into two critical problems:

    1. Although writing a backup file to my DVD+RW directly from PA2009 still works, copying a file from Windows to the same DVD+RW now uses the old Windows delayed CD/DVD (non-packet) writing process. So something is broken now. I’ll have to re-format my DVD+RW and see if it was just a coincidence.

    2. An old date selection problem has reared its ugly head, but I’ll write this up in a different thread. (Instead of selecting files that have changed in the last 30 days, as I have specified, older files are still included in the backup and my backup files have ballooned).

    This is also the first time I’ve actually turned on (but not used yet) the PA Queue feature. Could it be that this feature is interfering with my Roxio packet writing function?

  • Well, after re-formatting my DVD+RW I’ve turned off PA Starter (and thereby the PA Queue feature) and my Roxio drag-to-disc seems to be working again.

    When I have time I’ll run a test to see if the PA Starter/Queue feature was the culprit. Hopefully not.

  • conexware

    I dont see how can Starter influence your DVD drive, it has nothing to do with it… problem is that pocket burning is not mature, and problems like that happen with LiveFS.

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