PA Backup File

  • Hi

    Is there an Option, that PA delete an existing Backup-File?
    PA is only updating an existing Backup-File.

    The String “DoNotDeleteExisting=0” does not exist in the pbs-File.


  • conexware

    why would you want such option? Currently, you can update, but not completly replace the backup file, because if some error occurs, you might end up without any backup left.

  • I’ve been relying on the file replace “feature” in previous versions of PA. It seems it has now changed to “update in place” and I didn’t see that in the Change List, or did I miss that?

    For example, in order to automate my backup process I would run a daily backup job creating a file called

    where the “Monday” part was generated by the timestamp feature WW. The same job a week later would delete the exisiting “Monday” file and create a brand new one. I setup the same process for my monthly backup and I would end up with 7 daily and 12 monthly zip files. These files would be replaced during each cycle, daily and monthly.

    It looks like PA2009 does not have the file replace “feature” as in previous version. Perhaps there is another configuration option that I’m not seeing?

  • conexware

    well I guess we will return the option in one of the future updates…

  • conexware

    i wish you noticed it sooner :)

  • I agree, spwolf. I guess I should actively participate in any future beta program. Please put me on your beta tester list and notify me if and when appropriate - thanks!

  • conexware

    please check with 11.01… thank you!

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