PowerArchiver 2009 - Upgrade to PRO discount info!

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    PowerArchiver 2009 has been released on 25th of September 2008.

    We are extending upgrade to Pro version offer for our current customers for next 2 weeks and it will end on October 10th 2008.

    Discount is between 50% and 80%, thus giving you access to Professional version
    for as little as 6.99 USD for 1 license.

    Who is eligible for 80% discount on their upgrade:
    PowerArchiver 2001 All Licenses
    PowerArchiver 2002 Personal Licenses
    PowerArchiver 2003 Personal License
    PowerArchiver 2004 Personal License
    PowerArchiver 2006 Personal Licenses
    PowerArchiver 2006 Business License
    PowerArchiver 2007 Personal License
    PowerArchiver 2007 Business License

    Who is eligible for 50% discount on their upgrade:
    PowerArchiver 2002 Business License
    PowerArchiver 2003 Business License
    PowerArchiver 2004 Business License

    As a part of this special limited time offer, all users will get free lifetime upgrades for their new orders.

    Please login to your account and click on Upgrade next to PA 2009 Pro in order to upgrade with these discount prices. Thank you!

    After October 10th, discount will go down to 40% and 64% (meaning it will be $12 instead of $7), normal price difference between Std and Pro version.

    p.s. 80% discount means it costs $6.99 to upgrade to Pro version. Depending on your country that could be not many cups of coffee :-).

    Go to your acount here:

  • conexware

    p.s. we thank everyone who upgraded (we were overwhelmed with upgrade orders). We hope you like new Pro version and more is coming. There are exciting times in front of us all :-). I cant say much more right now.


  • do you know when italian version will be available?

  • conexware


    do you know when italian version will be available?

    as soon as we get translation back from our translator…

  • conexware

    Quick update for everyone - this offer is ending on at midnight October 10th, so if you wanted to get PA Pro at this special price, this is the time.

    And thanks :D to all the people who purchased Pro version already…

  • conexware

    We want to thank all of our users for their support. Despite the economic crisis around the world, Pro version is now our best seller.

    We have few suprises coming that everyone will love, so keep checking our site in following months and when it lands, let us know what do you think (and yes, whatever it is, it will be free upgrade :P).


    PA Team

  • conexware

    Just so everyone knows, current discounts are between 40% and 64%, depending what previous version of PA you had… thank you.

  • conexware

    Beta 1 Preview was released to our Pro users exclusivly yesterday.

    More Info can be found in this blog post:

    thanks guys :-)

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