Mount as Virtual Drive - not working ?

  • Up front: no doubt I am doing something wrong.

    I have two different .iso files on my pc.
    When I RMB-click on these files, the context menu item “Mount as virtual drive” appears.
    I select that.

    Nothing happens, even after a refresh.

    Help-file: index - nothing on Virtual
    (viewing… virus, but no ‘virtual’)

    Help-file: search ‘virtual drive’ - nothing there either
    (specifically relating to mounting).

    –later - yep I díd something wrong :)

    Ah, I should have read the 'Burning files with PowerArchiver’-help subject an select Virtual Drive to get info on mounting, reading:


    Adding new Virtual Drive:

    Step 1. Click on Virtual Drive under Burner tab in main PowerArchiver Window.
    Step 2. Click on “Create a new Virtual DVD device” and click on next.
    Step 3. Select ISO image that you want to mount as new DVD and click on next.
    Step 4. Review details and click on next.
    Step 5. Your Virtual DVD is mounted and you will be able to find it under Removable drives in My Computer.

    Removing Virtual Drive device:
    Step 1. Click on Virtual Drive under Burner tab in main PowerArchiver Window.
    Step 2. Click on “Unmount/Remove Device” and click on next.
    Step 3. Select device to unmount and click on next.
    Step 4. Review details and click on next.


    a) maybe add one or two extra entries in the Help file on 'Using Virtual Drives", “Mount as Virtual Drive” etc.
    linking to the same page as when clicking of Virtual Drive under burning?

    b) maybe add a warning when PA does nót perform the mounting, because the driver has not been downloaded/installed and/or the program is not yet registered…?
    A warning to either register or download the driver, bla bla, so users knów they have to do something extra to get it working;

    c) maybe add a context menu to unmount the drive, i.e.

    • “Mount as virtual drive”

    once mounted, Mount as virtual drive to be replaced by:

    • "Unmount [“drivename”]

    Just some thoughts … (positively meant)


  • conexware

    this should have been added to RC1 - (warning about VD not installed)… did you try it with RC1 or?


  • Hello again,

    Am not sure, but About says: 11.00.55 (08/2008).


  • conexware

    yeah, RC1 is .65, try with latest release (web update will work)…

  • Thanks a lot!
    BTW: I already got 11.00.55 working with virtual drives. Had to download something? Am not sure anymore what it was though, but it worked… :)

    My ‘comments’ were more or less meant for future releases. Anyway, it seems to be fixed now.

    Pls allow me to add two suggestions:

    1. In PA-configuration, pls allow users to ‘set’ a fixed driveletter for their Virtual Drive, e.g. ‘Z’, or so.
    I am using external drives and a program that is called ‘Bestcrypt’. They have their own driveletters.
    Once you open a Virtual Drive and thén switch on an external drive, or open a Bestcrypt-container ( the driveletters tend to get mixed up.
    One shd go into MMC/Diskmgt to reset everything to what it was/shd be.
    With ‘Z’ as a fixed Virtual Drive this will hardly be the case.
    -Or, alternatively prompt users to tell PA what driveletter once they mount an .iso

    2. Add unmount to the context menu: users to click on the Virtual Drive - RMB - unmount.
    No need to launch PA, go into the burner menu and go thru the few steps to unmount a drive.
    Am not sure whether this requires a great deal of programming though. Actually the RMB click wud call the same procedure as right now, only, without showing windows and asking to click on ‘next’/‘next’/‘close’…

    Thanks again!

  • conexware

    write those to the wishlist forums as they will get lost in here…


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