Problem Installing or uninstalling powerarciver.

  • Guys, need some help here, I have had power archiver since the 2007 version, and have been updating it as its been released in new versions, now I have a problem, I was in the add or remove programs removing programs I have no use for them anymore, I saw the powerarchiver 2007 and 2009 there, and uninstalled 2007, powerarchiver did not work anymore, then uninstalled powerarchiver 2009 from the add or remove programs if I recall correctly it just disappeared from there nothing happened, but now when I try to install it, modify it or repair it, it does not work, uninstall always says it has encountered an unexpected error, code 2753, I tried eliminating the left overs of the app with pro, it did not worked, went to the registry and eliminated every value concerning powerarchiver and powerarc, but it did not work either, so guys could you point me out what I need to do to install again powerarchiver, which reg value do I need to delete for the installer stop recognizing theres a powerarchiver version already installed, thanks in advance.

  • conexware

  • Thanks, that solved the problem.

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