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Add files without asking archive file name

  • Hello,

    Say I have default PA open with empty left panel and
    the smaller preview right panel.

    Now I drag and drop files using Explorer from whatever folder into the left panel of PA.

    They are in various folders, so I want to pick a file here and select a file there, i.e. I want to keep on adding files until I am finished, without PA asking me for a filename though….!

    How to do that ??

    Secondly, I have a dozen files in the left window panel, that I have been able to add, without PA prompting me for a archive-file…

    I control-A select them all, then I click on SFX maker-wizard. Within the wizard I donot want to again select files to be archived, they shd be there in SFX maker.
    I only need to insert a name there, PA shd use a password that I have inserted into PA as being my default pw and then the file is created.

    Is this possible ?



  • conexware

    you have to create an archive first and then you can add to it all you want, all day long…

    as to the wizard - i am not sure how would that work with various different scenarios - try creating an wish in wishlist forums and we will take an look…


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