Using same password for extracting multiple files

  • I wish there could be an an option that PowerArchiver uses the same password if I want to extract multiple files over the shell menu which all have the same password.

  • conexware

    added to 11.03 - if you select multiple files to extract, password will be stored for that session (make sure save session password option is checked in config, if it does not work)… you can get 11.03 via web update.

  • Works good so far, but is it possible, that, if PA shows the error message because of wrong password, that I can reenter the password for this file?

    PA is skipping the first file with incorrect passwort.

    For example:

    I have 10 files.
    Files 1 - 5 have the password “test1” and the files 6 - 10 have the password “test2”.

    When I Select all files and extract via shell then I enter the password “test1” and PA extract files 1 - 5.
    On file 6 PA shows error because of wrong password.

    And then PA gives me the option to enter a new password. But PA will use the new password beginning at file 7, So that file 6 will not be extracted.

    I want that the new entered password will be used for file 6 too.

    I hope you can understand what I mean.

  • conexware

    yes, this was supposed to be fixed in final version… how exactly are you extracting files? thanks

  • I extract via right-click and then “extract here” or extract to".

    Same problem is via main GUI.

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