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Optimized 7-Zip + Solid = ???

  • I’m curious about how the optimized compression and solid archive options for 7-Zip work together.

    My instinctive reaction is to think that they’re mutually exclusive.

    My second reaction is to hope that the incoming files are sorted by extension (with a double-extra bonus points for MIME type, so that .inf, .sql, .txt, and .cmd files can all get grouped together), and that the API lets you start a new solid block every time the extension changes.

    I’m not sure if there is a sane option 3. 🙂

    So, uh, how do they work when both are checked?

  • conexware

    Optimized works by filtering extensions that it thinks are better for lzma/ppmd. Those text files are then, obviously, put together in the same solid block.

    It is not mutually exclusive, whatsoever - they actually work quite well together and thats reccomended usage (with solid and optimized together).

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