Disappearing explorer window and file details

  • Alpha Testers

    PA 2009 Pro beta 4

    I can only (consistently) produce this bug with the preview window on and Preview Mode set to Always or Smart.

    I open an archive and when it has opened the explorer window disappears and the files lose all details except for their icons. See screenshot.

    It doesn’t happen if I have the Preview mode disabled or if I don’t use the preview window.


  • conexware

    what kind of archive are you opening? I cant reproduce it here, it might have something to do with what file you have open - did you try it on some other files?

  • Alpha Testers

    This post is deleted!

  • Alpha Testers

    They are PAE zip files, all my backups.
    Tried a normal zip file and that was fine.

    Did some testing and noted the following behaviour.

    If I just single click on the file and give time for the preview window to show what is in the archive, (let the progress bar fill up) then double click on the file to open it, things are fine.

    If I immediately double click on the file in PA’s main window then this bug occurs every time.


  • conexware

    thanks - will try with pae files

  • I have seen this problem as well, even with regular .zip files. I didn’t report yet because I had no reliable repro steps and because it had the look of something that might be cleared up by a reboot.

    But, Luxor’s repro steps do the trick for me. There are times when the preview of a .zip file takes about 10 seconds, and if I double click on the .zip file in that window of time I get this behavior. When the .zip preview takes a long time to display, the opening of a .zip file also takes several seconds. Note that the delay might possibly be some issue with my computer since I notice that firefox seems to freeze for several seconds occasionally for no apparent reason.

    It’s a bit more difficult to repro this problem again after the first instance because .zip previews (and opens) usually happen nearly instantly from then on.

  • conexware

    Please try Beta 5, via web update. Let us know if this issue has been fixed.


  • Alpha Testers

    Working well now. Fixed.

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