Beta 3: Queue is unusable

  • Hello,

    Today I installed beta 3. The queue is unusable in this version

    1. Delete does not work anymore!

    2. Multiple selection is not allowed. This is definitely a NO-GO for any queue implementation.

    3. There is not a “Clear queue” button. Combined with (2) you can see that if you add a large number of files in a queue and you want to cancel you are pretty doomed. You must cancel EACH and EVERYONE of the enqueued entries.

    4. In Beta2 “Delete” worked only if you pressed the button. Pressing [DEL] did nothing. Furthermore when you deleted an entry the next entry was not highlighted. That means LOT’s of point & click.

  • conexware

    Confirmed. Thank you menes!!!

  • conexware

    please check with beta 4 now avail. through web update and let us know if this has been improved.


  • conexware

    both of these are for wishlist… i will move them there and close this thread.

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