Problem with skin selection in PA 2009b3

  • For every time you change the skin in Powerarchiver 2009 Beta 3 Powerarchiver adds all the entrys of the skins in the list.
    It will look like this:

    And after changing the skin, the title bar like in all windows applications will disappear and the close button etc. are like in office 07. At the start of PA the close button etc. are in a separate title bar that don’t fit the style of PA.

    And by the way. The german translation still has some mistakes. I hope that all this will be corrected.
    Maybe some native speaker should check the hole translation script.

  • conexware

    screenshot please (of after changing skin)…

  • Confirmed here as well.

    After changing from Modern Blue to Modern Black

  • conexware

    please check with beta 4 now avail. through web update and let us know if this has been improved.


  • This is fixed in b4, I cannot reproduce the problem now.

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