PA2009 B2 quirk

  • I installed this level and things turned weird. Maybe it was some settings - but I wouldn’t expect those to change.

    1. From Windows Explorer [Windows XP Pro Sp2] I right click on a .tar file and no PA related options shown… just generic open.

    2. when I chose to open file using PA 2009, no file contents shown.

    3. Funny ribbon stuff which I cannot configure away.

    4. Lots of screen space devoted to ftp, which I don’t use.

    Reverted to PA2007 and things working as expected.

    Will try later betas, but this seemed pretty rough. At least my machine didn’t crash!

  • conexware

    Hi Jalvo!!
    Welcome to PA forums and thank you for posting your suggestions!!!

    I tried resproducing what was reproducable from your post and couldn’t.
    1.) What do you mean by “just generic open”? Did PA options show at all when you right clicked? Do you have shell extensions selected in Configuration>Shell Extensions?

    2.) How are you opening the file?

    3.) “Funny ribbon stuff which I cannot configure away.”
    I have no idea what this means. Please re-define.

    4.) You have the option of turning off the FTP window or reducing its size to your preference.

    Thanks again!!

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