Not able to erase overburned DVD

  • Alpha Testers

    I was cleaning up some DVD’s & CD’s this morning. So thought I would use the option in PA burner to erase them.

    All went well until I tried erasing 1 certain DVD then I got the message that the disk was not erasable.

    Took me a little while to figure out why, then I noticed that it was an Over-burned DVD.

    Limitation of PA’ burner or bug ?

    It erased fine in Nero.

  • conexware

    check with beta 3 tomorrow please and let us know… thanks

  • Alpha Testers

    If only I could Spywolf.

    2 reasons why I can’t.
    1. the disk in question has been erased
    2. my test machine died a horrible death last night. It was old and had served me well. :(


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