2009 Beta4: Selected Items Lose Focus

  • This is a hard issue to describe, but I’ll do my best. When the preview pane is visible, if you select a file to preview, then try to select all files using the mouse+drag. The selected items lose focus and the file you originaly were previewing is selected.

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Open a zip that has several files.
    2. Select the first file (top of list) to preview.
    3. Use your mouse to drag and select all the files (dragging bottom to top).
    4. Release the mouse button and only the single file you previewed is selected.

    I attached a test zip and a screenshot showing the problem.

    There is an important thing to note about this bug. If say you select the second file in the list to preview, then drag and select all files - going beyond the second file, then the bug does not happen.

    !The bug only happens when you drag to select the bottom file going up to the file that you previewed. If you drag beyond the bug dosent happen.

  • Update. This issue still remains in beta 4. Updated topic title.

  • conexware

    seems to be fixed in beta 5, please check in 2 days…

  • Following steps 1-3 I can still reproduce the problem with Beta 5. Type of archive dosent matter.

  • I tried and I happens the same thing

  • Not fixed in Final version

  • Your right Botta, its still present in final.

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