Progress Bar in Main PA

  • If I open a file directly from an archive (i.e. a video file), the progress bar in the bottom of the window doesn’t show the progress of the extraction. PA 2007 does. PA 2009 shows just the progress in percent in the task bar.

    Hope this can be fixed.

  • Some more info would help…

    What type of archive (Zip, 7z or …) and what sizes (archive and file)?
    Windows XP or Vista?

  • I have noticed that it work with 7zip and zip files but not with cab and rar files.
    I don’t know with which filesize it will work or not. I hav tried with a 100 MB video file.
    And I use WinXP SP2.

    And i also noticed that, if I open a file directly in PA, he shows in the bottom of the window the path with filename where he extract the file temporarily in 7zip and zip files. In cab files he don’t show any path or filename and in rar files he shows just the filename.

  • @ACE135:

    I don’t know with which filesize it will work or not. I hav tried with a 100 MB video file.

    I was asking about the one(s) that didn’t work :p

    So if I understand, when you have a CAB archive containing only one video (such as mpg); you open the CAB in PowerArchiver, then try to open the video.
    How are you “opening” the video?

    I tried a CAB with PA 11.00.45 (beta) - admittedly a smaller video - don’t have 100 MB to hand, but still -

    1. When you select the video in the filelist folder, does the preview work (it does for me)?
    2. “double click” video (to open it) works.
    3. “right-click” video - Open also works.

  • I don’t have problems to open the file.
    I just mean that the progress bar in the bottom of the PowerArchiver window, which comes when he temporarily extract a file, when you open it, remains blank instead of showing the progess of extracting.

  • @ACE135:

    … the progress bar in the bottom of the PowerArchiver window…

    Sorry, I did mis-understand as the progress is shown on the Windows Taskbar/PA tab (as 😵 which is where I was looking!!

    Tried with 351 MB avi file / CAB archive and you are correct that the progress is NOT shown in the PA window/status - in my case neither is the filename. I just see the text

    Extracting “”

    Note: Same for both Modern and Classic view.

  • conexware

    please try with beta 3 and let us know.


  • Thanks. Progress bar now works.

  • Not sure that it is working …
    Open Archive in Main PA (CAB file - single avi file).
    Click Extract Files - Click Extract

    The extraction Sub Window opens OK
    Main PA status bar still displays
    Extracting ""
    There is no progress indication in the status bar - although it is in the Extraction SubWindow.

  • In b4 the Main PA window closes on extraction, so the status bar is no longer visible :p
    Extraction window displays information, so this can be closed.






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