PA2009 refresh issues

  • I noticed when I use the office ribbon, the top of the window tries to exposes the default window XP titlebar.

    I can reproduce it when I first load it and move the cursor to the top of PA2009 pro 11.00.45 (07/2008), when you resize the window too small (ribbon is gone), you can’t really resize it back until you close and reopen it.


  • conexware

    it might be that your graphics card is not fast enough to repaint the buttons?

    what OS and graphic card are you using?

    I can reproduce this only when using standard windows drivers on Win2000 (which means very bad graphics performance)

  • I can tell you, it’s not the computer. I have an AMD Athlon64 X2 4400, 2gb of ddr400, geforce 6000 series. I have no issues on refresh rates on any other programs including windows XP.

  • conexware

    Cannot reproduce this on XP. Anyone else?

  • I also do not repro this on WinXP SP2.

    I have found that often these types of display artifacts are often fixed by updating the display device driver or by going into the ‘Troubleshooting’ tab of the display adapter’s control panel settings and reducing the ‘Hardware acceleration’ setting.

  • conexware

    please check with beta 4 now avail. through web update and let us know if this has been improved.


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