Extracting 18 split/spanned files into 1 file

  • Good morning,

    An IT colleague of mine sent a copy of one of our corporate CDs to me in 18 zipped files. These were zipped using PowerArchiver 6.1.1. I was told that I had to start using the last (18th) zipped file first and to continue in reverse to the first zipped file. My computer identifies the 1st and 18th zipped files as the first and last parts of a spanned/split zip files in zip file one respectively.

    I was able to unzip the 18th file without any problem, but when I attempted to unzip the 17th file I received the message: “PowerArchiver cannot open this file. It does not appear to be a valid archive. If it is and SFX file it is either not in standard zip format or it is corrupt. If you are trying to open a spanning disk, please open the last archive of that set.”

    How can extract these 18 zipped files into one file?

    Many thanks for any assistance that you can give me.


    Tony :confused:

  • conexware


    when you open/extract last file (one named .zip) PowerArchiver will automatically extract whole spanned archive, not only last file.


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