BackUp Config Window Always Opens

  • [1] When ever I run a backup script from within PA (backup pane), the configuration window always opens.

    [2] A couple of the backup buttons should be changed. Almost all of them are a variation of a floppy disk. The differences for some are very subtle and make it hard to quickly identify which button does what.

    I have to rely on tooltips. So I propose changing the Run and Schedule icons as shown in the screenshot.

  • conexware

    you mean backup wizard shows? or?

  • Yeah the backup wizard/config. I attached a screenshot. And if you choose the option under alerts to show the “Backup done when finished” then you end up with two dialog windows to close.

  • conexware

    well, thats what is supposed to happen :)

  • Can we add an option to supress the window from popping up? If its made optional, Im sure many users would like to run a backup without getting dialogs on-screen.

    Also, if its an option, users who want/prefer it can have it.

  • conexware

    they are shown only for people who run pbs from PA. If you schedule it or run it from Windows, it is not shown then.

    so we will see, it is something to think about.

  • @spwolf:

    they are shown only for people who run pbs from PA.

    lol… Im one of those people :D I love the backup pane and until its introduction, I’ve never used PBS. I never cared for running and managing PBS in Windows Explorer.

    I think the backup pane is one of the best new features.

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