Maximum Encryption of a file?

  • Hi,
    Using any of the options and encryption combinations could someone please tell me the strongest encryption available with PA?

    And also what it would take to break the encryption…



  • As far as I can see it’s the AES 256-Bit encryption.
    It’s “uncracked” until today and can only be attacked with brute force.

    Password attacks should take serveral years on modern CPUs and even FPGA-Arrays if you use the full 256Bit with a suitable long and secure password (mixed lower-case, upper-case, digits, special chars, brackets, etc.).

    A ~256Bit Password is e.g. "4Zs^b’W#[Lj

  • conexware

    h4andy gave you perfect answer - key to secure encryption is to use passwords that are completly random, such as one that h4ndy gave you….

    AES 256 is avail. in 7zip and ZIP formats, in 7zip you can also encrypt filenames, as well as in our PAE container format.

  • Thanks to both of you for the most excellent info.


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