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Drag & Drop extraction behavior

  • Hi,

    The behavior on Drag & Drop extraction is not very good.

    Perform the following steps:

    • I have an RAR archive with e.g. a movie (600MB) on C:\
    • I open the archive with a double click to check its content and extract the containing file via Drag & Drop to an open explorer window on C:\
    • Now PA extracts the file but I guess to an temporally folder
    • After this PA copies the file to the desired destination, which takes more time than the actual extraction

    It’s really annoying and takes a lot of time. This “type” of extraction doesn’t occur with the “usual” way neighter with Right-Click Drag&Drop of the whole archive file.

  • conexware

    for some compatibility issues, d&d has to use temp folder. In this case, please use direct extraction if you have large file.

    d&d is only way around UAC currently, so we have to do it via temp folder.

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