PA2009b2: TAR doesn't work

  • Hi there,

    Today is a memorable day as I’m using the TAR “compression” the first time since I’m using PA back in 2004.

    But its not working!

    There’s only crap and some wrong directories inside the tar (which seem to chance at random at every compression).
    The size is OK but not the content.
    If I’m using the 7zip file manager the tar is OK and can be opend with PA normally.

    It’s easy to reproduce:
    Download e.g. the ZIP version of phpMyAdmin.

    Decompress it at your Desktop and open the “phpMyAdmin-” folder (Screenshot)

    Now select all files an folders and “compress them with options…”.
    Chose TAR and “tarred” as “Compression” (Screenshot).

    This is the “magic step” provoke the erroneous behavior:
    Select “GZIPTar” or “BZIPTar” as Compression and after this reselect “Tarred” as Compression. The chances are better if you focus the “compression” DropDown Box and scroll a little bit with your mouse wheel through the tar types ^^

    Now click “Add”.

    Now open the resulting archive with PA, it will look something like that:

    The archive isn’t allways broken and seems allways to be OK if you just select TAR and leave Compression to “Tarred” as pre-selection.

    Tested with PA 2009 Pro an Windows XP Pro SP2.

  • conexware

    is the screenshot of broken archive or to the one that actually works?

  • @spwolf:

    is the screenshot of broken archive or to the one that actually works?

    It’s a broken one. It’s one of the “better” ones, but I had archives with only 2 visible files left too.

    This is a really bad one:

    As you can see it says only 2 files with 6KBytes in a 8.610KB archive.

    By the way, theres a small typo in the title bar, I think theres a space missing after “PowerArchiver 2009 Professional” (between Pro and the dash).

  • conexware

    thanks, we will be checking it out…

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