Filesize in ToolTip not shown properly [7zip]

  • As the thread title implies… when the mouse hovers over the 7zip file. It does not show the filesize. What problem may that be? It only happens for 7zip file type and not others.

    Is this one of the limitations for 7zip? Please help.

  • conexware

    Seems to work fine in my case. I hovered over not empty 7-ZIP file and I got correct file size. Then I opened this 7-ZIP file, and again get back to Windows Explorer and it also worked.

    It can be only if you were extract/compression that 7-ZIP file at the same time, or the 7-ZIP file is corrupted (empty).

    In any case, it has nothing to do with us - in this case it is conneced with 7-ZIP DLL.

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