Plugins installation

  • Basically when you install plugins that powerarchiver actualy have for download on there site they ask you do u wnat to install them when u open the archive wity them in. however the plugins that i suggested you have to input manually, is there a way this can be changed, to save having to do it manually?

    secondly when u remove a plugin you have delete it manualy if you never wnat to use it agin from your computer is there a better way of doing this with out doing it manually from within pa

  • conexware

    not unless they are on our site… for some plugins, we need more info that they originally have…

    as to the deleting, PA will not delete the plugin, you will have to do that… it will just disable it.

  • it would be better if it can dlete the plugin from within pa saves all users having to do this manually and most will not know how to do that. You need to explain this in help file.

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